Screen Making

Serviscreen has been making high-quality silk screens in-house for over 60 years. We have the technical knowledge and know-how to produce consistent quality that will meet your production standards. Our screen-making services provide our customers with a trusted and repeatable process, ensuring each screen is manufactured to your instructions.  We can provide technical assistance, make recommendations, and design custom frames to meet your specific application.

Whether we are recycling your old mesh and existing screens or providing you with a new frame and new mesh, you can count on us to provide quick turnaround and friendly service at a great value.

Silk Screen Making Steps


Aluminum Frames: From 1"x1" O.D. half-inch tube up to 120" x 120" O.D. with a 6" tube. 
From 1/16" wall up to 1/8" depending on frame size.

Mesh: From 30 TPI (threads per inch) up to 450 TPI.

Emulsions: Everything from water-resistant up to any chemical resistance (i.e. alcohol, Pyrol, acetone). Thickness of coating or EOM (emulsion over mesh) achievable from 8 to 25 microns depending on mesh TPI, and 25 EOM-500 microns using capillary films.

Tension:  Anywhere from 5 newtons up to 50 newtons, with some restrictions depending on TPI.

Screen Masks: Laser cut mylar masking or .002" stainless steel laser-cut masks. Both are used for high volume printing, typically on steel/metal parts that would increase the stress and minimize damage to the emulsion and mesh.  

Film Production: We can create new artwork using a part supplied by the customer, or take your existing art to create the film for exposure. Additional layout and design services are available based on your needs.