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Polyurea Coating

A Premium Coating from the Experts at Serviscreen

If you are seeking stand-alone quality that other suppliers cannot provide, Serviscreen’s polyurea and polyurethane coating services might be just what you need. Known for their incredible strength, durability, and ruggedness, these coatings protect against road debris, salt spray, stone chips, chemicals, and other environmental hazards.

  • Superior Corrosion Protection 

  • Sound Dampening Capability

  • Chip-Resistant

  • Added Surface Grip

Close-up view of textured polyurea coating

Powder coating and industrial spray painting certainly have their place, but when it comes to durability, flexibility, and proven success under tough conditions, polyurea coating will take the abuse where other products fail. These coatings are becoming the gold standard for running boards, rock rails, tow hooks, step plates, and other applications, elevating good products into long-lasting, great ones.

Our Services and Capabilities

A premium polyurea coating isn’t something that the average paint shop can do; it requires specific tools, training, and experience. Serviscreen Corporation offers a professional OEM coating service for customers in the Grand Rapids area and nationwide. We employ trained and certified sprayers, following a dependable process to maintain high quality and inspection standards.

We partner with PPG using DuraBull, a two-component, zero-VOC, heavy-duty coating engineered to protect work vehicles and industrial equipment. Made from specially-designed aliphatic polyurea technology, DuraBull blends superior UV protection with excellent impact and crack resistance for unmatched physical protection.

The Benefits of Polyurea Coating

Automotive footstep with textured polyurea coating
  • More durable than powder coating or wet spray paint.

  • Excellent corrosion, abrasion, and scratch resistance.

  • OEM-approved process and coating.

  • Suitable for heavy, bulky, and large objects.

  • Low and medium volumes are perfect for production.

  • Thickness & appearance are consistent if professionally done.

  • When textured can add slip-resistance.

  • Prevents glare.

  • Multiple coating choices are available based on the application and budget.

Polyurea Benefits

Why OEM’s Apply Polyurea

OEM Polyurea

Polyurea is commonly used on parts found lower on vehicles, such as running boards, rock rails, tow hooks, and fuel tank straps. These areas are prone to be pelted with gravel, salt, and road debris; polyurea is resistant to the dents, scratches, and damage these can cause. Textured polyurea coatings can also enhance the appearance and functionality of the part.


Other uses include step plates, cattle guards, lawn care equipment, snow removal accessories, farm implements, specialty applications, or anywhere paint or powder coat might not hold up. If you need a rugged, premium finish that will last for years, polyurea is about as good as it gets.

Polyurea vs. Polyurethane

Aromatic vs. Aliphatic

Aromatic coatings stand up very well under physical stress but are not as environmentally resistant in the long run as Aliphatic coatings. An Aromatic coating may lose some of its sheen or color after several years of use.

Aliphatic coatings are more expensive, but they offer greater durability over longer periods of time, especially when it comes to environmental wear. Aliphatic coatings are extremely resistant to ultraviolet light from the sun and tend to retain their sheen and color much longer.

Coatings consist of either pure polyurea or a hybrid of polyurethane and polyurea.

  • A polyurethane hybrid is produced when a polyisocyanate and an amine- or hydroxyl-terminated resin blend react together.

  • A pure polyurea is produced when a polyisocyanate and an amine-terminated resin react together.

Both have similar properties and can be used in the same applications.

Poly VS
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