Wet Spray Finishing

Serviscreen Spray finish
Serviscreen is an industrial wet spray finisher. We specialize in open spray, mask spray, highlighting and industrial airbrushing. We are a sought after provider of decorative, cosmetic, and protective finishes for a variety of products.
Our capabilities serve a large variety of industries such as automotive, furniture, military, electronic, appliance and heavy equipment machining industries. We work with the leading paint manufacturers to provide the top finish coatings and processes that meet your expectations and your specifications.
Serviscreen Spray finish


  • Integrated specialized finishing systems
  • Large to small volume production
  • Back-lit button applications
  • Laser marking

Services & Features:

  • Wet spray finishing on a vast range
    of substrates
  • Servicing automotive OEM customers
  • Second surface painting with laser etching
  • Specialize in interior and exterior component finishing
  • Qualified military spec finish applicator
  • Textured finishes
  • Custom color matching ISO 9001: 2000 certified
Serviscreen Spray finish
Serviscreen's Wet Spray division offers a wide array of diverse capabilities. It can be applied to nearly any substrate, it can be applied in specified areas with multiple colors and it can be applied in a timely and efficient manner. Our experience covers furniture, appliances, automotive parts, custom machines, electronics, marine, RV and even military work. We are a custom job shop, capable of making any needed adjustments to our process. Our team of representatives will work personally with you every step of the way, ensuring that your parts will receive a personal touch. Whether this involves , multiple colors or special paints, your parts will be given exactly the service you need.
Our versatile facility is equipped with several spray booths as well as many industrial batch ovens, capable of providing prototype and production volume parts. We specialize in mask spray, open spray and highlight painting. These services can be applied to practically any substrate, including, steel, zinc, die-cast, chrome-plated, injection molded plastic, blow molded plastic, raw fabricated aluminum, anodized aluminum and glass. There are also several different varieties of paint available, such as, enamel, epoxy, lacquer, high solids, alkyds, low gloss, medium gloss, high gloss, and Teflon.
Serviscreen Spray finish Serviscreen Spray finish Serviscreen Spray finish