Pad Printing

Serviscreen has the technical service to achieve precision printing that meets your quality standards. We can pad print your parts with single-color and multi-color printing.

If you need specific color inks, our production team can blend inks to provide exact color matching. We mix inks that are unsurpassed in adhesion and durability. We can also develop the printing plates from graphic designs that you supply or we develop for you.

Our Pad Printing Capabilities

Serviscreen Pad print
  • single or up to 4 colors
  • 3D objects
  • short runs
  • long runs
  • tight registration
  • durable finish
  • cost effective
  • in-house art dept.

Materials Suitable for Printing

Serviscreen Pad print


  • PVC
  • nylon
  • polystyrene
  • polycarbonate


  • natural
  • finished


  • anodized
  • spray painted
  • powder coated
  • dichromated


  • flat
  • cylindrical

Common Pad Printing Applications

Serviscreen Pad print
  • containers
  • appliances
  • control buttons
  • automotive parts
  • injection molded parts
  • furniture accessories
  • toys and hobby parts
  • promotional products
  • medical products
  • name plates
  • face plates
Serviscreen Pad print
  • golf balls
  • baseballs
  • softballs
  • frisbees
  • bottles
  • light bulbs
  • clips
  • handles
  • knobs
  • industrial parts
  • industrial pumps